Robotics and Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems allow for operators safety and competitive operating costs thanks to automatization and miniaturization.

SAFE CLUSTER offers a UNIQUE opportunity to accelerate the activity of UAV developpers in terms of:

  • Systems integration & qualification
  • In-flight testing on specific environments:
    –    Long distance segregated corridors for medium / heavy UAVs
    –    Protected development zone for light / medium UAVs
    –    Maritime environment testing area
    –    Montaineous environment testing area
  • Operator training (military / Police / civilian missions)

Today, thanks to innovative products, SAFE Cluster has a strong positioning into two historical sectors:

  • Remotely Piloted Airborne Systems (RPAS) Sector (from Pegase Cluster)
  • Ground robotics (from Risques Cluster)

Almost 80 companies are working on these sectors, including drones or robots manufacturers, payload and captors suppliers, and operators. They benefit from a platform network: Provence RPAS Network giving them the opportunity of:

  • Developing and testing their solutions
  • Defining jobs policies
  • Accessing training
What we offer SMEs

SMEs, we facilitate business connections inside SAFE Cluster network. Put your business expertise forward via calls for tenders frequently published.

On individual or collective format, these actions, depending on their nature, might be fee-base, and carried out by SAFE Cluster’s team or partners.


What we offer to OEMs

OEMs, we gather sought skills, via our network or via sourcing operations in technology, business, international and industrial offsets. We work strongly to facilitate OMEs and PMEs cooperation.

These actions are part of a cooperation agreement or specific contracts. It is possible to set up other multiannual framework contracts.

Our tools

Our cluster put at your service our technology, job/education program, and business oriented tools:

  • Innover plateform, technology sourcing tool
  • Pegase Croissance: accelerator of high potential SMEs combining entrepreneurship and industry
  • A yearly organized employment forum, in partnership with Pole Emploi
  • Education programs labelling process (Industries of excellence sectors)
  • Become the main region in France and Europe in developing application fields for autonomous systems.
  • Move towards an activity integration of autonomous systems for global solutions: System Factory project

Responsable Syst. de drones & Robotique terrestre