Mostly in PACA Region, France has a large established community of SMEs with great expertise in aeronautics and space sectors and linked sectors. This expertise is often unknown or inaccessible by OEMs or leading contractor companies.
SAFE CLUSTER offers to aerospace manufacturers a free of charge access to its aero-suppliers marketplace: this tool has been specifically designed WITH and FOR aerospace procurement specialists.

This “Helicopters” program proposes three (3) complementary working approaches:

  • Create, together with leading aviation companies, business opportunities for innovative SMEs
  • Support our SMEs business growth and market upgrading in aviation sector
  • Provide leading companies with turnkey solutions to identify new technologies and ensure availability


These are the reasons why collaboration between leading contractor companies and local innovative SMEs is scarce:

  • Due to offset requirements, OEMs qualify foreigner subcontractors
  • Internationalization of purchasing, mainly to cover rate difference between dollar and euro
  • Limitation of tiers1 number working for OEMs
  • Subcontractors’ expertise required level, very important in aviation and critical in space
  • In aeronautics, innovative SMEs have difficulties to ensure sustainability of their offer compare to aircraft long-lasting life, and to guarantee after sales services in a period from 30 to 40 years

Main implemented actions are:

  • Improvement of industrial performance
  • Optimization OEMs and SMEs connections
  • Support diversification of SMEs
  • Support SMEs and ETIs upgrade within the industrial fabric (Platforms of excellences/ R&D, etc.)
What we offer SMEs
Are you a SME? Become part of “Helicopters” program and benefit from:

  • Access to Airbus Helicopters (AH) network
  • Actions facilitating business relations
  • AH and other groups R&D partnerships
  • A complete program of activities: meeting contractors, international and national exhibition and shows, etc.
  • Opportunities of international industrial offsets
  • Access to worldwide AH subsidiaries network (portage/ access to local networks)
  • Support your sells at AH (PI/Industrialization/Commerce)
  • Financial engineering for R&D and other actions
  • Help for business establishment

On individual or collective format, these actions are free or paid depending on their nature and carried out by SAFE Cluster’s team or partners.

What we offer to OEMs
  • Managing sourcing (Techno, business, international, industrial offsets)
  • Cooperation and industrial process with SMEs
  • Third party with public customers

In general, these actions are part of a cooperation agreement or specific contracts. It is possible to set up other multiannual framework contracts.


Our tools:
Technology oriented:

Business oriented:

  • Aerospace Market Place (http://www.airgetintouch.com)
  • Audit and action plan tools, specifically designed (with OEMs) for OEMs access
  • Pegase Croissance: accelerator of high potential SMEs combining entrepreneurship and industry
  • Job/training
  • Employment Forum in partnership with Pole Emploi
  • Education programs labelling system
  • Job creation in this sector (6000 jobs by 2018)
  • Improve aviation supply-chain’s industrial competitiveness