Resilience of territories

This program seeks to create a collaboration framework among institutions, business and research actors to come up with innovations in the resilience of territories sector. These innovative ideas will be outlined inside a market-oriented culture to boost their local and international promotion.

A resilient territory is a system in dynamic equilibrium, able to anticipate perturbations, minimize effects, get back on track and rebound, thanks to surveillance, forecasting, real time management, knowledge, adaptation and innovation. As result, these territories evolve to a new state in dynamic equilibrium keeping their integrity.

The effects of climate change, natural disasters or other major accidents, pollution, and even criminal acts are potential disturbances to manage during phases of preparation, prevention, response and reestablishment. All sectors in a territory must be involved in its resilience: local authorities, networks (transport, energy, etc.), protection works, open-to-public facilities and nature ecosystems.

This program will endeavor to specify all needs of territories and infrastructures managers, to create, develop and diffuse solutions to the service of their resilience, especially integrating value-added aerospace technologies.

Additionally, this program will be assisted by physical and digital platforms to frame an iterative dialogue among technology developers, integrators and end-users, so they co-develop these solutions and integrating them inside business processes.

  • Develop and validate a procedure to structure territorial infrastructures and territories managers’ requirements
  • Frame prime-contractor-companies (market-oriented to territorial infrastructures and territories managers), academia and end-users in a common roadmap
  • Boost European visibility of all parties involved in this program, via partnerships and business missions
  • Structure French offer of excellence on resilience sector
  • Scientific symposiums
  • Thematic meetings
  • International and national expos
  • Steering committees

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Guillaume RIOU
Responsable programme Territoires résilients


Paris in focus 15 juillet 2015