Safety and Security of sensitive areas

This program aims to group suppliers, integrators and buyers of technologies and solutions addressed to improve safety and security of sensitive areas.

This program will work closely with sites operators through the whole innovation process: from definition of their needs, to operational deployment of solutions, to support on solutions engineering – funding and testing.

SAFE Cluster recently signed an agreement with Marseille-Fos Port Authority. This French public entity is in charge of exploiting, managing and promoting Marseille-Fos Port, located at Fos-sur-Mer –main French port and 51st of the world. Under the terms of this agreement, SAFE Cluster and Marseille-Fos Port decided to create dedicated tools to outline requirements of SEVESO facilities located at Marseille-Fos Port, as well as the development, testing and demo of safety and security innovative solutions.

The initial idea is to have a Technical and Operational Laboratory with capacity to ensure:

  • Outline requirements of facilities’ managers in terms of safety and security
  • Managing an interaction process among solutions suppliers, users and related authorities
  • Solutions development, engineering and integration
  • Testing, validating and demo of solutions under real conditions of use
  • Solutions deployment: from purchase, to organizational integration to training

This laboratory probably will be SAFE Cluster’s Safety and security of sensitive areas program’s main asset. This Laboratory will reinforce this region’s remarkable innovative position in developing security solutions. In addition, it will make this region a territory for experimentation of leading-edge solutions in safety and security of industrial sites sector.


Guillaume RIOU
Responsable programme Territoires résilients