Aerospace & Defense Meetings Central Europe – Rzeszow

mardi 9 mai 2017 - jeudi 11 mai 2017

Aerospace & Defense Meetings Central Europe – Rzeszow is not a traditional exhibition, it’s a matchmaking program strictly reserved for professionals from global civil and defense aviation industry.
It is an excellent opportunity for leaders of the aerospace industry to meet with potential industry partners
Through this event, BCI Aerospace will gain the resources to create an online interactive platform allowing the organization to participate in targeted meetings, exchanges and high-level conferences between contractors, OEMs, subcontractors and suppliers of the aero spatial industry.
Exhibiting on ADM Central Europe – Rzeszow, is an outstanding tool to save time, meet the right people and discuss. This service allows participants to quickly and easily identify new technological opportunities with minimum efforts
ADM Central Europe – Rzeszow is an opportunity for Airbus, European and international OEMs to connect with sub-suppliers showing capabilities and services that cover the entire spectrum of aerospace and defense supply chain.
ADM Central Europe – Rzeszow is all about business to business meetings!
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Début :
mardi 9 mai 2017
Fin :
jeudi 11 mai 2017
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