Virtual Business Meetings Aéronautique et Spatial – Inde

jeudi 19 novembre 2020 | 11 h 30 - 17 h 00

Plusieurs grands acteurs du secteur aéronautique et spatial indiens ont émis e souhait d’être mis en relation avec des sociétés françaises pouvant répondre à leurs besoins actuels, listés ci-dessous.

L’accompagnement de Business France comprendra les étapes suivantes :

  • 19 novembre : 2 webinaires d’information et de préparation, un sur le secteur aéronautique, l’autre sur le spatial, présentant notamment les spécificités du marché indien, les donneurs d’ordres participant à l’opération et leurs besoins. Présentation des dossiers aux donneurs d’ordres indiens et recueil de leurs avis
  • Entre mi-novembre et fin décembre : Pour les sociétés françaises retenues, rendez-vous BtoB individuels en visioconférence avec responsables R&D et Achats de la/des société(s) indienne(s) en matinée (entre 9h00 et 11h00).

Godrej Aerospace

Godrej Aerospace has amassed a rich experience in successful development & productionisation of Liquid Propulsion Engines, Defence Systems, Satellite Components & Assemblies and Dish Antennas with Feed Systems – all duly approved & accepted by our customers.

Besoins: Complex metal sheets (Hot forming, Titanium to make heat shields, assemblies), Composites (Autoclave curing, compression molding for fuselage and empennage), Satellites Propulsion


Mahindra Aerospace

Mahindra Aerospace represents the Mahindra Group’s interests in utility aircraft and aerostructures. The aerostructures business, based in India, produces aerospace components using state-of-the-art equipment and systems.

Besoins: Built to print solutions for detailed parts (3 & 5 axis, long bed, machined parts, composites, hard metal, complex sheet metal part forming, hot forming, profile extrusion forming); design, manufacturing, transportation and commissioning of assembly jigs & fixtures; manufacturing equipment OEM (automatic riveting for assembly panel, automatic paint booth)



Polycab is India’s largest manufacturer of wires & cables with an outstanding track record with over 50 years in the cables and wires industry. We currently do not have a presence in the Aerospace and Defense sector (A&D) but are looking to enter the A&D sector

Besoins: Aerospace wires and cables manufacturers



The Aerospace division is a new initiative of Motherson to serve industries beyond automotive. The focus for this division is to become a preferred global solutions provider to Aerospace customers by providing integrated solutions to them, using the existing capabilities of Motherson and actively adding new competencies to meet their requirements.

Besoins: Materials and composites, Paint and surface treatment, Airframe assembly, Detailed parts for engines and reactors, MRO equipment, On-board and cabin equipment


Paras offers a wide range of Products & Solutions for Defence & Space Applications. With focus on Defence & Space Sector we have five verticals of our business, namely Defence & Space Optics, Defence Electronics, Heavy Engineering, Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Solutions and Niche Technologies.

Besoins: Precision optical polishing, Opto-mechanical, Opto-electronics


Data Patterns

Data Patterns is India’s leader in indigenously developed electronic systems in the Defence and Aerospace domain. Data Patterns’ key strength is founded on it’s 30-year history of developing high reliability products in this domain with the broad capability to develop and manufacture any high reliability product. They are working with ISRO and they worked on Indo-French projects in the past like Megha-Tropiques in 2011.

Besoins: Satellite propulsions, Onboard satellite camera, Star sensor or radar


Centum Electronics Limited

Founded in 1994 in Bangalore, Centum has rapidly grown into a diversified electronics company. Operations in North America, EMEA and Asia. The company offers a broad range of products and services across different industry segments. 

Besoins: Control & testing, Instrumentation & data processing, Tele-communication, Payload subsystems, sensors, Inertial systems


Ananth Technologies

Ananth Techonologies is a leading Aerospace & Defence manufacturer. Founded in 1992, the company is a leading contributor to Indian defense programs with comprehensive geospatial solutions with more than 25 years of experience and renowned association with ISRO in space programs with 85+ satellites launched.

Besoins: Electronics, Electro-mechanical subsytems and sub-system integration, Telecommunication, Ground & Terrestrial application systems

Pour toute information complémentaire sur l’événement, contactez  :

Preeti GREEDHARRY, Chargée de développement – Business France New Delhi (

Samantha DOUARIN, Chef de projet Aéronautique & Spatial (


Date :
jeudi 19 novembre 2020
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11 h 30 - 17 h 00
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